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To have a Speedometer recalibrated, the following exercise is all that is required for you to supply the information we need.

Please Follow These Instructions Exactly

    1  Disconnect Flexible Drive from Instrument End

    2  Mark Drive Wheel tyre with chalk line, masking tape or similar.

    3  Mark body or chassis with a line corresponding to the line on the tyre.

    4  Ensure tyres are inflated to correct pressure.

    5  Push vehicle along the ground in a straight line for 6 turns of the drive wheel whilst an assistant counts the number of turns the inner speedometer cable makes, to the nearest 1/8 of a turn. (To facilitate ease of counting a cardboard arrow can be made and pressed onto the end of the inner cable.)

    6  Supply make and size of tyre.

We need to know:

 a) Number of turns of inner cable for 6 turns of drive wheel   

 b)  Make and size of tyre.                                             

 c) Make / Part number of Speedometer                             

Do you want the mileage left at       Yes   No

Do you wish the mileage to be set to Zero ? Yes   No

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