Most Classic British cars, motorcycles and other vehicles built between the 1920s and 1990s were fitted with instruments manufactured by Smiths, and British Jaeger, (others, mostly Ford and Vauxhall, were fitted with AC manufactured instruments).

Our main strengths are in rebuilding and/or repairing, either to the original specifications, or to your special requirements, Smith’s and British Jaeger magnetic speedometers, which comprise the predominant instruments used in British Classic vehicles.

We can in addition rebuild many other types of Speedometers and instruments, but need to see these to enable us to give you an estimate of the work involved.

Our ‘non-standard’ services offer the opportunity to convert or re-calibrate your instrument to your own specifications:- for example, if the tyres or axle ratio have been altered, or if a speedometer is being fitted to a different vehicle to that for which it was made, we can, on receipt of our completed ‘re-calibration form advise you accordingly.

We can also carry out Km/H to M.P.H, and vice-versa conversions

We have our own computer assisted dial production facility, and can manufacture or re-print dials, including your own Logo or initials if required, to your own specification.

We will try to match all colours as close to your requirements as possible, but some slight variations may occur in the production process. CAUTION. If you specify a new dial. This will be to the original paint specification, which may look out of place if fitted alongside 'Aged' Instruments.

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Standard’ Speedometer servicing charges’

 All prices are in £ Sterling (GBP), and include VAT, and return shipping to UK address by Recorded Delivery. ? For delivery to other addresses please ask us.

Smiths And British Jaeger Speedometers

Part no. (From the Dial of the Instrument) begins with :-


SN (e.g.  SN 1234/56 1600)


SR (e.g   SR 1234/56 1600)


SNT (e.g.  SNT 1234/56 1600)